Hey ya’ll Annie here. Before I start popping off I wanted to add a quick disclaimer. Any recommendations, advise and ways I gift knowledge are given from MY personal lived experiences, here in Grays Harbor. I was raised in Aberdeen, by wonderful people. However my parents (also wonderful), heron addicts & the life I was raised in was that. Poverty, addiction, mental illness, and all that comes along with it. After dodging the addiction bullet myself and raising my own kids here, I found myself back in contact with some loved ones from the past. People I knew when I was young were living on the streets of the town I had lived in this whole time and I somehow didn’t know that. I soon realized it wasn’t a few, but hundreds and a few weekends on the street supporting as I could, turned into two years. Two years and way more than I could summarize here. In that time all of that, I have a knowledge of lived experience. I use Narcan. I get people to detox, treatment etc. I assist people in crisis situations from evictions to domestic violence to random street crisis like “I have no pants.”  I assist businesses with population concerns to address them instead of just calling the cops. I help access the resources needed to get up off the street, out of mental health crisis, addiction and so much more. I am by no means a doctor, or credentialed to give anyone the answers to life. I have my lived knowledge and I’m here to share that with you. The knowledge is from navigating things in our area and in real time right now so it actual helps and makes sense. Take it or leave it, I’ll share regardless.

 Take care of each other.