We are an Anarchist Media Collective looking to provide an outlet for Radical Analysis, Organization, & Education through various media projects.

The projects we represent are autonomous projects in their own right, Sabot Media represents the coming together of those projects under one heading in order to produce better, more informative content. We have writers at The Harbor Rat Report doing the research and investigations that serve as the core of the rest of the downstream content. They produce the articles that our podcast Molotov Now! uses for the basis of it’s episodes. We also have Aberdeen Local 1312, who serve as the social media arm and visual art department of the operation, providing us with graphics, memes, and video content that the podcasts uses. They also run our social media channels and keep the world updated on releases, upcoming projects, current events, and original content memes.

Don’t get us started on the crazy cats over at Black Cat Distro, how they ended up on this website is beyond us and if anyone knows anything about how to stop them from pilfering our archives for their shitty zines please let us know. They use our content to print zines and distribute them locally in Grays Harbor. They are soulless feline criminals of the worst kind, always leaving their inky paw marks on our stuff. This brings us to The Communique, a regionally produced newsletter that takes all of the top stories of our other content and combines it with articles, poems, and art from a wide swath of Pacific Northwest creators and artists.

This is how Sabot Media connects to a wider network of solidarity and comradeship, it allows all the contributing projects to update people on their top stories so that we can all stay well informed on a local and regional level of what is going on in our communities. Sabot Media IS all these projects, we exist to promote them, and without them there would be no Sabot Media. We think this model is successful at allowing for maximum creative autonomy and collaboration in one. If you would like to get involved with any of these projects, we would love to talk to you about how we could work together and what skills you could bring to the collective. Contact us here.