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We’re fighting the propaganda war on an unfair battlefield, but it still has to be fought, and there is power in a union. If we wish to win the battle for a free internet, we must change the battlefield. We need to work together to shift our movement as a whole onto the federated internet. So long as our personal connections remain on their servers our Union, our movement, can and will be deleted. This is the goal of Agit-Prop Memer’s Union. Everyday our data and information is stolen and sold off for profit, leading into some of the most violating and deceptive practices by social media companies. These are tools built on manipulation and control; systems, machines, and AI built to do nothing but manufacture beings subservient to hierarchical control. Just as we must decentralize power and the means of production, to do so we need to decentralize the internet. Solidarity comrades.

Let Us Seize The Memes Of Production!


You’ve never had an original idea, you’ve never had an original thought, you’ve never had an original story, you’ve never had an original song. Everything you have ever created was birthed from the joining of at least two instances of preexisting creations. The stories told in our books and our songs have been passed down for millennia. Here at Broken Records we believe a broken record never gets old. We intend to use this space to share some of the music that has moved and inspired us that we enjoy and will continue to enjoy for years to come and to signal boost other radical musicians and their works. In the future we hope to provide a space with the tools for radical artists to compose and share their art to our movement.