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Being a collective made up of many distinct and overlapping projects we at Sabot Media simply represent the conglomeration of those projects. Harbor Rat provides the written content for articles produced for us. Molotov Now! records and produces their podcast based on that content. The Communique collaborates with regional artists and creators to assemble us a beautiful newsletter. The Black Cat Distro steals everything we do and turns it into printed zines despite us asking them repeatedly to stop. Aberdeen Local 1312 makes video content and memes for maximum exposure on social media, because of this we decided that they would handle all of the social media for Sabot Media. This makes AL1312 our voice to the world, and our only presence on these platforms. To contact any project please use the email below as it serves as the communication platform for the collective as a whole. Include in your email which project you are writing in reference to such as “Harbor Rat” or “The Communique“, and if you want to contact The Black Cat Distro stop and ask yourself what is wrong with you that you want to contact those kitties.


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To get in touch with us with any comments or questions please write to us at:

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We look forward to speaking with you soon!