Vol. 2

We present Volume No. 2  of The Communique. Download here or view below.

The Communique is a seasonal newsletter that combines stories of regional rural organizing efforts & political resistance, along with local history, art, and poetry to update our comrades in the wider culture of resistance. We feel a lack of representation in what has become a one way relationship between rural and urban radicals. By connecting our stories to the struggle for liberation across the globe, we aim to foster a culture of learning and bridge the divide between the two in order to strengthen the bonds of solidarity between all our communities.

We publish seasonally on the solstices and equinoxes so this volume will be released on December 21st 2022. We need rural and urban Pacific Northwest collectives who would like to connect and share with each other to  please make a submission by December 15th 2022 with the subject of email being “Communique Submission”. You can use the Contact Us page of this website to submit your pieces. If you have an idea for recurring content such as a comic strip or column, please email us with the subject header “Join Sabot Media”. Below you can find a list of the sort of pieces we are interested in for the newsletter:

  • A roundup of your local scenes current events and actions (rural PNW)
  • Articles discussing rural organizing tactics, and what city organizers can learn from
  • Articles discussing urban organizing tactics, and what rural organizers can learn from
  • Poetry
  • Art
  • Comics
  • Essays on theory
  • Issue driven recurring columns
  • Mutual aid requests/Signal boosts
  • Local histories of radical struggle
  • anything you think would make a good addition to our radical newsletter